Springing Forward with Glowing Skin

Winter has left the building and it is time to gear up for this upcoming Spring. Getting ready for the Spring means more than just changing your wardrobe, sometimes it can mean to change up your skincare regimen as well. Your skin condition can change during different seasons and The Butter Bar Skincare team wants to make sure all of our beauties are ready in Spring 2020! 

Exfoliate Your Skin


During the winter, it is common for your skin to become dry, flaky, and dull. This is the time of the year you need to rebuild your skin to get it ready for the Spring and Summer glow especially because we tend to show more skin around this time of the year. The best way to get rid of that dull dry look on your skin is to exfoliate. When exfoliating your face and body, the dead surface skin cells will disappear and you will have a new fresh layer of skin. This allows your skin to absorb skin products more effectively.We would only suggest scrubbing once or twice weekly at your discretion. Check out these scrubs by The Butter Bar Skincare:


Get your MPF (NPF) ready


During the Spring, the weather is starting to get warmer and your skin will be exposed to the sun more. You will want to include products that have NPF in them to protect you from the sun. The Butter Bar Skincare has created our own version of NPF and it is used in our Melan-in Skin Nourishing Serum and our Melan-in Lotion. Check out our MPF products.

Drink More Water

Hydration is just as important for your skin during than spring as it is during the winter. Spring is a time for rejuvenation, so it is time to get rid of nasty toxins by drinking a lot of water. Hydrating yourself will lead to glowing spring skin.


Make Facials a Priority


Treat yourself to a spa day. YOU DESERVE IT! Having a good skincare routine is great, however it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t go get professional treatments as well. Even though you may not suffer from acne, hyperpigmentation, or other skin conditions, your complexion will still benefit from a facial massage.












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