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Our Beauties Love To Show Off Their GLOW!

GLOWING Skin Naturally!

"Loving the results !!I have been using this combo for the last 2 weeks - and have already seen an improvement in my dark spots. This skincare line is amazing - and I love knowing that natural ingredients are used in the line. I can't wait to see more positive results with my continued use."

-Demeter M.

Mask OFF!

"I love this mask, love the feel and the smell !! I can feel it working and tightening my skin."


Keeping You Flawess!

"My face felt so smooth afterwards. The grains are subtle so it doesn't feel like you're scratching your face up. I wish I could use it everyday but I know I can't. Lol #gogetyousome"

-Tomeka W.

Behind The (Butter) Bar

If you care about the ingredients that go into your skincare, you are our soulmate! So happy we finally found each other! Our products are for the ingredient OBSESSED Beauty, with high standards! All of the ingredients listed on our product labels are pure, simple, transparent, and easy to pronounce, so you can feel safe in knowing exactly what you are feeding your skin. Ultimately, The Butter Bar Skincare's products are made to look, smell and feel 'Good Enough to Eat'!


Our “Good Enough to Eat” Philosophy

We Strive To Create Raw-Natural Skincare! We believe that everyone should have access to products that not only work but are safe to use. Keeping you safe and your skin healthy is our highest priority and pleasure! We take you very seriously!

The Butter Bar’s bath and body products are naturally indulgent, receiving their scents and pigmentation purely from safe, natural ingredients. There are no hidden contents and every ingredient used is as disclosed, because we believe in total transparency and social responsibility!

Our products deliver phenomenal skin moisturization, exfoliation, and cleansing …without the use of harmful toxins like sulfates, parabens, petroleum, or phalates. To avoid the use of chemical preservatives, we handcraft every product to-order!

Feel confident knowing that your product's ingredients are over 83% Organic and 100% natural. They are also rich in nutrients and skin-loving vitamins! We avoid heating and adding water to our formulas so you get the purest products that you paid for!

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients, like, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Raw Honey, Fair Trade Vegan Cane Sugar, and Vegan/Organic/Kosher Flavor Oil Extracts derived from fruit and spice infused oils.


Meet Our Flawless Founder: Kimberly-Chloe Wilson

The Butter Bar really just started out as an ingredient obsession! I had very sensitive, acne-prone skin, and I just wanted great smelling body products and facial care that actually worked! And I didn't want it to have a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals added into them.

I eventually found that this was a common problem for many other women who had sensitive skin like me, and they were also seeking to use natural products. When asked, most women admitted that they were using medicated smelling products that smelled like a prescription cream you use on a rash! Not cool! Some women were even down to using baby products that made them smell like...well, babies! This just was not acceptable to me. I wanted to remedy this issue for us all!




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