Behind The Butter Bar


Healing, Transforming, and Restoring! Building Confidence: One Product at a Time!

The Butter Bar Skincare is an au naturel skincare and lifestyle brand that believes in plant-based beauty to improve both skin apperance and general wellness. We strive to educate women on making "the switch" to greener beauty products and introduce holistic approaches to caring for our bodies! 

We want to educate our customers on our ingredients! 

Knowledge is power and we aim to empower our customers to make the right decisions! We believe in providing not only product recommendations, but education on how holistic approaches boost skin/overall health and healing. We LOVE our clients, customers, and supporters and want you all to feel confident in your skin!


Meet Our Flawless Founder:
Kimberly-Chloe Wilson

Our “Good Enough to Eat” Philosophy

There are no hidden ingredients! Every single ingredient used is disclosed; we value total transparency and accountibilty!

Our products deliver phenomenal moisture, exfoliation factors, and cleansing -- made with ingredients you can ACTUALLY pronounce. To avoid the use of chemical preservatives, we handcraft every product made to order!

• No Synthetics
• No Sulfates
• No Parabens
No Petroleum
No Phalates
• No Alcohols

The Butter Bar actually started off as an ingredient obsession!

I had very sensitive, acne-prone skin and I just wanted great smelling body products and facial care that actually worked! I definitely didn't want them to have a bunch of unnecessary synthetics added!

Real Ingredients = Real Results!

Our skin care products have been skillfully formulated and developed by our founder, Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, who became obsessed with finding natural solutions to her own skincare concerns as a woman of color dealing with hyperpigmentation! Finding solutions that provide real results without harmful synthetics continues to be her mission. With the knowledge of Kimberly-Chloe and careful crafting of co-founder/husband Rasheem Wilson, they have been able to successfully fight against acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema, melasma, and restore confidence for women of color and others!