• Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask
  • Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask - Natural Skincare
  • Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask - Natural Skincare
  • Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask - Natural Skincare
  • Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask - Natural Skincare

Charcoal-Moringa Clay Detoxifying Mask


Purifying Charcoal Mask works to gently exfoliate, draw out impurities, and soothe. The formula of mineral-rich kaolin clay, moringa powder, and charcoal, helps improve the skin's overall condition by refining the appearance of pores and increasing elasticity. (Mask Brush Sold Separately) 

  • Detoxifies and Removes Impurities
  • Absorbs excess oils
  • Helps refine and smooth skin
  • Acne Minimizing

Volume: 4 oz.

Moringa oleifera leaf (Organic Moringa) Powder, Carbon (Activated Charcoal Powder), Bentonite (Bentonite Clay)

Key (Active) Ingredients / Why It Works:

Bentonite Clay- Provides a great medium as a detoxification treatment, because it is safe and highly effective. Clay has an alkaline pH and high negative ionic charge that act as powerful antioxidants. It also can absorb an enormous amount of toxins as a sponge-like magnet and carry them out of the body. Clay has a magnetic affinity for heavy metals, viruses and intestinal parasites among other things. The energy of the clay stimulates the revitalization and rebuilding of damaged cells and tissues.

Moringa Powder- Moringa is known as a “miracle tree.” With an impressive oleic acid content of 72%, Moringa penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and helping the skin and hair retain moisture. Moringa's benefits include skin care and rejuvenation, stronger and healthier hair, wrinkle reduction and skin blemish removal. Indians have long since used Moringa as a means to treat acne, and now the West is discovering its uses as a natural combatant against face blemishes and skin problems.

Activated Charcoal- This super absorbency, plus antibacterial properties, makes activated charcoal an ideal ingredient for oily and acne prone skin types. It is used in acne products to draw out impurities, heal pimples, and prevent further breakouts. Also an anti-aging ingredient, activated charcoal is said to tighten pores and smooth the skin. It also reduces inflammation, which is significant in preventing premature aging.

  1. In a Bowl: Mix 1/2 Tbs mask to 1-tsp water, **yogurt**, or almond milk
  2. Spread a thin layer all over clean face
  3. Allow drying- about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Remove with a warm washcloth over your face and letting the mask soften.
  5. Wipe off with the washcloth and cleanse your face completely.
***Be Careful- Mask Can Stain hands, skin, and clothing!***

***Slight redness of the skin is normal and will disappear in about 4- 6 hours.***

This product is self-preserving. We guarantee freshness for 90 days from the date of purchase.



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