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Dead Sea Sponges (Natural)



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      Straight from the Carribean 🌊 (These are NOT commercial synthetic sponges). These sea sponges are harvested from the sea and made of sea plant materials.) And did we mention, they're rich in minerals!!!!

      Have you made the switch from that soggy washcloth to a dead sea sponge?

      Dead Sea Sponges are a mild natural exfoliator and help to reveal the freshest skin underneath the dead skin cells that reinvent themselves daily. Through regular use it brushes away dead skin before it builds up, keeping the pores free of impurities.

      Natural sea sponges are also highly absorbent, and create a luxurious lather with our Sulfate-Free Body Washes, are softly textured, and are suitable for the most sensitive skin types (even babies). Switch today! We promise you will never go back to a washcloth again.


      Natural sea sponges are a biodegradable renewable natural resource. Scientific studies have confirmed that regular harvesting of the sponges enhances the health and population. In fact, many areas where sponges are harvested are marine protected areas for this reason. We carefully monitor our divers who carry special licenses to fish for sponges. The divers harvest the sponges individually by cutting the sponge at the base, leaving the ‘roots’ intact and enabling the sponge to re-grow. Only sponges above 5” are permitted to be harvested leaving the smaller ones to grow. Sponges also have the ability to regenerate from the smallest fragment so when the sponges are disturbed by the divers moving on the seabed they release cells and multiply. Therefore areas that are fished for sponges will have a larger sponge population that one that is not.



      We always buy our sponges directly from the local divers at fair prices, therefore supporting the local community in that area and ensuring the old tradition of sponge fishing are not lost.
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