• 3 Skin Care Myths

    Oily Skin Does Not Need A Moisturizer It is believed that if you have oily skin you do not need a moisturizer. This statement is 100% false. Just because your skin produces natural oils does not mean your skin is moisturized or hydrated. Oily skin is not hydrated skin. The natural oils your ski... View Post
  • Are Bath Milks Right For Your Dry Skin Disorder?

    Bath milks are so therapeutic and nurturing. A milk bath is a bath where you add in liquid or powdered form milk to your bathtub. It is considered to be beneficial for a number of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. Here are some of the benefits and risks of milk baths, an... View Post
  • Fall Lip Care Regimen

    Lip care is very important, ironically, it’s not something people make time for in their daily regimen. You may have your hair and body regimen down pat, but what about your lip routine. If you wash and moisturize your face or style your hair in the morning, why not add lip care into it? If your ... View Post
  • Make Time To Moisturize!

    Managing selfcare and a busy lifestyle is always a challenge, especially when the time you spend on yourself is diminished or non-existent. This can easily lead to neglecting your skincare routine. Setting time for your beauty routine can be time-consuming like moisturizing your entire body. Here... View Post
  • 7 Tips For Cold Weather Skincare

    Beauties- The seasons have officially changed and your skin may have known it before you did! Summer brings it's own skin issues and concerns, but the upcoming cooler weather can wreak havoc on on your delicate skin. Don't freak out! Your Organic Mad Scientist is here to give you the deets on w... View Post
  • How To Dry Brush Your Face- Yes, That's a Thing!

    Okay, Beauties- first off- why are we brushing our faces? I know that every time I post on social media about brushing our faces, the questions come rolling in! Lol. I don't blame anyone for raising an eyebrow at the thought of brushing their face. It sounds somewhat harsh and maybe even abusive ... View Post
  • What is Hyperpigmentation & 10 Natural Ingredients Proven To Remove Hyperpigmentation

    What is Hyperpigmentation? Skin blemishes, also known as spots, hyperpigmentation, or scars, are the common result of acne outbreaks. When we purposely pop an acne pimple we cause too much melanin to develop while they are healing, these inflamed acne lesions become darker forming dark spots.   ... View Post
  • The Power of Pumpkin: Skin Benefits of Pumpkin Enzymes

    Now that we’re in the full swing of the Fall season, our coveted seasonal favorites have resurfaced. There is one commonly resounding theme, especially in the beauty and food industries and that is in fact, the pumpkin. Pumpkin flavored Lattes from your favorite coffee spot, pumpkin cookies and p... View Post