Your 2017 Skincare Reality Check!

My oh my, did last year pass by so quickly! Beautiful people, are you ready for the New Year? The first few weeks in January are a great opportunity to reflect upon our growth mentally, spiritually, physically and of course, our favorite personal subject, skincare supervision. I’m so guilty of planning a laundry list of resolutions year after year, and I tend to fail at keeping up with all those obligations. Learn from my mistakes and keep your resolutions simple and manageable. Now, when it comes to failed resolutions, I believe I am not alone.

We all have at least once in our lives created a “To Do - New Year List” that’s over the top or executed action into a goal that does not bring enough challenge that would help us increase in any area of our lives. Being genuine and real with ourselves clears our minds to make adjustments or delete all list and totally rethink our objectives.
Many of us become so engrossed in the holiday hustle and bustle we forget to show love and appreciation to ourselves. Now that 2017 is here, we are making a new resolution- beginning with ourselves.

Follow your expectations, not the presumptions of others. Genuinely encouraging and accepting ourselves liberates us from self-doubt and lack of confidence. We must, at all cost, trust ourselves again.

Let’s keep these realities in check, and clear! It’s the best care resolution for your skin.

Reality 1: Skin never tells tales.

There’s no way around having a complexion that’s dry-free or oil-free, improve the texture and feel of your face by washing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day.

Reality 2: My skin always reveals what I did or did not do the morning of or the night before.

Skincare products will take some time to display the results you want to achieve. If in 90 days if you notice no difference in your complexion, chose another skincare routine.

Reality 3: No creams, gels, lotions, or serums offer miracles in their bottles and jars. If they are selling you a "miracle" product, please- never use it on your skin.

Choose your skincare products carefully, do your research on the ingredients and
The company. Do they represent your values? Are the components used in each product healthy?

Reality 4: Save your money, time, and skin by choosing chemical free skincare products. And allow them TIME to show results!

What is instant? We crave immediate results. But when it comes to naturally taking care of our complexions, the indefinite continued process (time) is our friend, not the enemy. Let us set ourselves up for fulfilling our skincare goals, by realizing the reality, and embracing it.

“I believe women shouldn’t hide who they are but reveal who they are.”
-Kerry Washington

Toi Lancaster

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