Why Your Skin Won’t Glow (And What to Do About It)

Ever wonder why your skin still feels dry, even after moisturizing from head to toe? This can be from using the wrong moisturizer for your skin type to forgetting to exfoliate.

Of all the skin-care rules to follow, moisturizing is seriously something you must not do without. After all, hydrated skin is happy skin. But what happens when your skin continues to feel dry and dehydrated, even after you use creams and other hydrating skin-care products? Applying moisturizer to your body and face may seem easy but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right and wrong way to do it. In addition to applying moisturizers and body butters the correct way, you also want to be sure that your skin is prepped to receive moisture and that you are getting the most out of your skin hydrators. 

Mistakes That Might Be Drying Your Skin Out

Your cleanser may be too harsh. It doesn’t matter if you are using a top-shelf moisturizer. It cannot save you if you’re using a cleanser that dries out your skin on a regular basis. Many traditional cleansers, especially those that are formulated with harsh ingredients, can strip the skin of vital moisture. You can assess the way your skin feels after cleansing to determine if this is one of the reasons for dull or dry skin.  If your skin feels tight or squeaky clean, chances are you’ve washed away oils and hydration your skin could use. To avoid this problem, make sure that you’re shopping for a cleanser catered to your skin type. So, if you have dry skin you should reach for more hydrating, nourishing cleansers that can replenish your skin’s moisture. No matter your skin type, if you’re using a cleanser that strips your skin of moisture, this is working against a healthy and helpful skin routine.

So, what about your moisturizer? Are you selecting the correct moisturizer for your skin? Again, whatever you are putting onto your skin must be formulated for your specific skin type. Dry skin requires a much different product than oily skin, oily skin requires a much different product than sensitive skin, and so on. When you have dry skin, look for a moisturizer that can provide your skin with a burst of hydration, nourishment and comfort upon use. 

You also may have dead skin build up in addition to your skin being dehydrated. You need to exfoliate your skin. Dryness is the most common cause of dull skin, and exfoliating creates a fresh canvas that allows topical products to penetrate better.

Remember that gentle exfoliation is a necessary part of your skin-care regime, at least once a week. If you skip out on exfoliating it can cause dead skin cells to build up on the surface of your skin and make it near impossible for your lotions and moisturizers to do their jobs. 

You're dehydrated, and so is your skin. Which could be another reason why your skin might still feel dry after you’ve used a moisturizer. Though they house minor differences, dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water, so dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things. Even oily skin can experience dehydration. Dehydrated skin can be the result of not drinking enough water or liquids, as well as using irritating or drying products that can strip the skin of its moisture, 

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