Why You Deserve a Trip to the Spa

The boss is on your back, children are crying, the house is a mess, and worst of all, you look in the mirror and “gasp!” your pores are huge and your eyes have bigger bags than Chanel. Between all of the curveballs that life can throw at you, maintaining your appearance, mental, and physical health can easily fall to the wayside. How many things do you do a day for yourself; meaning, things that you personally enjoy or that make you feel good? For some, the answer can be slim to none. It’s important to always make time for you to be and feel yourself. 

The roles that we play in life; whether its being a mother, wife, or entrepreneur can easily take over your time and, suddenly, the easiest thing to ignore is yourself! But in reality the happier you are with yourself, how you look, and feel; the more you can give to the people and things around you demanding your time. So ask yourself, “When and how am I gonna make time for me?” Any ideas? How about something that only takes an hour (at minimum) , maybe two...or four hours of your time? 

How about a SPA DAY?! Why not? You deserve it! You deserve cucumber melon water [or wine], pedicures, and facials, and massages, and waxes, and...peace! You deserve a Flawless Upper Body Treatment; it's like a facial for your back, that includes a massage. Sounds ahhmazing right?! Well, you’re pretty amazing aren’t you?! It makes sense that you deserve a day at the spa so don’t feel guilty for it! No matter who needs you at the moment, who is demanding your time, or what is requiring your energy...you deserve to love and care for yourself. Everything else can wait...the spa needs you and you need the spa. 

We understand that things happen, however. So just in case you need a backup plan to your day at the spa, try a Milk Bath and Body Detox  instead! 

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