Why Skin Gets Oilier in Winter Months

Our skin makes up a big part of the outer shell that we present to the world each day. It's only right that we keep it glowing and healthy-looking. But many people develop a love hate relationship with their skin, and things can get complicated. Your skin isn’t always great at telling you what it needs. And so, you may struggle with creams, gels and exfoliating scrubs, trying to achieve perfect dermatological harmony. Now once you think you have it all figured out, a random breakout will remind you that your skin can sometimes do what it wants to do, which is sometimes dependent on your environment.

Weather has such a huge effect on our skin. When it’s too hot or dry outside, our skin lets us know it. The winter months bring harsh, cold winds that irritate your delicate skin on your face and hands. Winter also brings dry conditions that strip skin of its natural moisture. This dryness can lead to red patches and excess dead skin cells that clog pores, causing acne. It has been noted that winter is the worst season for acne. It’s unclear whether these breakouts are due to the weather alone or are an indirect effect of all the lotions or moisturizers we apply to counteract wintry conditions.

Skin on the face is most likely to be affected by the cold temperatures because it is always exposed to the atmosphere. Washing the face twice a day and doing a deep cleanse at night can help in maintaining smooth, clear skin. Deep cleansing opens the pores and removes impurities, oil, and other debris from the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling fresh and reduces the chances of suffering acne or breakouts during the winter months.


Taking Care of Your Oily Skin in the Winter

Yup, winter can be a welcome change for oily skin. Even with a decrease in humidity when the weather cools, this doesn’t mean that your sebaceous oil glands will stop producing excess oil. Winter requires adjustments in your daily skincare regimen, but not a complete abandonment of the products you use on your face.

Wash your face twice a day to keep excess sebum under control. Just because you have less excess face oil doesn’t mean you should skip cleansing sessions. You may use our White Ginger Rooibos is formulated to help balance and reduce oil over-production for oily skin. 

Replenish the moisture lost on your skin with a water-based moisturizer. While the purpose of cleansing is to help control excess sebum, getting rid of all your skin’s natural oils will cause unwanted dryness. The right moisturizer can replenish water to help protect your face without leading to breakouts. Do not use oil-based moisturizers that can make your skin too oily. With our Pink Grapefruit Coconut Water Intense Moisturizer your dry skin doesn't stand a chance with this INTENSE moisturizer! Our blend of hydrating pink grapefruit oil, watermelon seed oil, and organic coconut water, you'll be seeing supple skin in no time. 

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