Why Natural Skin Care is In (and we insist on it)

Do you know that The Butter Bar Skincare was started to provide natural skincare products that are safe and healthy alternatives to synthetic products with toxic chemicals? To avoid continued exposure to the harsh effects of synthetic chemicals she used to treat acne and dark spots, our founder, Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, took a bold step to develop herbal skincare formulas which quickly expanded into an in-demand range of 100% natural & hand-made products. Product formulation has since grown to include customization of products to address specific skin problems on specific skin types. In keeping with the founding vision, our business growth and product expansion are intentionally and consistently matched with focused considerations for what is best for the customer in terms of added values for money spent. The numerous benefits of our all-natural, safe, healthy and high-potent products guarantee high returns on investment (purchasing and using our products).  We source our ingredients, produce and market our products using processes that are ethically sound and are beneficial not just to our customers, but to the environment and animals. 

Many women and men who desire the best outcomes from skincare products have come to choose products made with natural ingredients over those made with synthetic chemicals some of which are harmful to the skin and body. This is possibly your experience as you’ve tried diverse skincare products, only to settle for natural products.

Let’s tap into the knowledge of basic life sciences to understand why natural skincare products are more beneficial than artificial products. When you apply a skincare product, the active ingredients in it act on the skin and penetrate underlying skin tissue (subcutaneous tissue) for more action. This is how a skincare product produces its effects on the skin. In fundamental Biology, we know that our body, made up of organic microstructures (cells), undergoes programmed cell death (apoptosis) to rid itself of cells that have outlived their usefulness. The lost cells are replenished as the body incorporates food nutrients that are similar in structure and function to our body constituents. So, to maintain our body in a healthy state, we are to feed it with food nutrients it can tolerate, process and integrate. You can sum up this fundamental Biology principle with this nugget of wisdom; " We are what we eat".

Our skin being the largest and most visible body organ provides us a living sample to observe the effects of this principle and wisdom nugget. Application of skincare products made with natural ingredients that bear close resemblance to constituents of our skin cells promotes seamless organic incorporation and less undesirable effects.  

By extension, you can easily understand that applying skincare products made with inorganic/artificial/synthetic chemicals could trigger adverse reactions. Notable adverse reactions associated with toxic chemicals in synthetic products include skin irritation, rashes, dryness, and breakdown; headache, dizziness, acne and worsened skin sensitivity.  Artificial fragrances, preservatives, colorants and other toxic chemicals used in formulating synthetic skincare products are known to cause severe adverse health effects. Risk of developing certain cancers and damage to internal body organs increases with using products containing these toxic chemicals.

If you’re wondering how these toxic chemicals reach the internal body organs from the skin, here is a Biology 101 lesson for you. Rubbing skincare products into the skin allows direct skin absorption of the toxic chemicals and their passage through hair follicles and sweat pores into deeper subcutaneous tissues. Within the subcutaneous tissues are small blood vessels (capillaries) that absorb and carry the toxic chemicals to the internal organs where they cause damages. To read more about the health dangers of toxic chemicals in synthetic products, follow the weblinks provided under ‘Sources’ at end of this blog.

Now that you know how dangerous some synthetic skincare products could be, I guess you will be more careful on your choice of products. Reading product labels to distinguish natural from synthetic ingredients is a good starting point for choosing wisely. The Butter Bar Skincare provides you better alternatives of 100% natural, high-potent skincare products. Browse through our collection of products on our website to explore our range of custom-made products.       

Using naturally sourced ingredients to formulate skincare products has become a prominent feature of the beauty industry. The Butter Bar Skincare prides itself as a leading product and service provider in this market niche. The active ingredients used in formulating our products are extracted from plants and combined in scientifically determined varieties and proportions that produce the best cosmetic effects while safeguarding skin and total body health.

Using our natural skincare products is as good as feeding your skin with organic nutrients to heal, repair, regenerate and replenish the skin for enduring radiance, glow and smoothness. However, not every natural product will achieve the desired skin effect for everybody. Some skin types do better with some natural products. This informed product customization by The Butter Bar Skincare. Products are specially formulated with organic essential ingredients active on specific skin types and skin problems. Our range of products, some in kits/bundles, are scientifically formulated and selected to achieve maximum effect on normal, dry, oily, hyperpigmented, sensitive or a combination of these skin types. Click here to see our customized product collections.

Having given you a heads up on health dangers of toxic chemicals in synthetic products, here are the key benefits of using our natural skincare products:

  • Our natural ingredients are skin safe and healthy to the body as they are extracted from fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, nuts or roots that can be eaten. We describe our products as “good enough to eat” since they are made with plant-based, all-natural ingredients “you can actually pronounce”. Absorbed natural ingredients in our products engage and interact normally with the skin and body to produce desired cosmetic and health benefits.You should always consult your doctor to ensure you are not allergic to any natural or plant based ingredient. 
  • The plant sources of the ingredients we use are organic. They are non-GMOs which guarantee natural ingredients. We also promote organic cultivation of the plants without pesticides and inorganic fertilizers that are harmful to the environment. This eco-friendly farming practices promote biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.
  • We don’t test our products on animals which ensures cruelty-free production that promotes animal rights and underlines our sound business ethics.
  • We guarantee the freshness and potency of our products by making them in small batches to fill orders. Our freshness guarantee timeframe is listed in our product descriptions. Please ensure you are using your purchased product within that timeframe. 
  • We don’t use pre-made products to fill orders and all products are handcrafted in-house to ensure product safety and quality.
  • Customization of products to skin types and skin problems enhances high impacts through targeted actions of essential ingredients.
  • Our products smell just like their natural ingredients which completes the natural lifestyle experience we offer.
  • Our products are affordable on face value and more affordable if you discount the cost of treating adverse skin and health effects caused by using unsafe products.
  • With consistent use of our natural products, you skin will organically and positively respond to the targeted actions of the essential ingredients to achieve lasting benefits that give you value for money spent in purchase.

The Butter Bar Skincare which was started to provide safe, healthy and natural alternatives to skincare products made with harmful synthetic chemicals is fulfilling this mission and is continually meeting customer-friendly, earth-friendly and animal-friendly business expectations. So, when you purchase any of our products, you are assured of product safety, quality and potency. You are also investing in a business operating with high ethical standards across its value chain and production pipeline.








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