Why I Only Use Natural Skincare Products

How many times have you seen commercials appealing to customers who have used a product that was eventually proven to cause harm, in order to include everyone affected in a class action suit?

Products like talcum powder, foods such as Romaine lettuce, and even drugs such as birth control have been proven to provide harmful effects within the last few years... Which leads you to wonder, what are we really consuming? Even foods have changed drastically with each discovery of ingredients and how it affects your body. Now if you’re like me, that sounds like a huge problem. It’s not a problem that can be fixed overnight, but I promise you there are better solutions than depending on government agencies to inform you before it's an issue and to protect you from exposure to these items before it's too late.

Prevention is always easier than finding a solution.

For this reason, many people are completely shying away from over processed and chemical products to prevent exposure to unknown elements through all natural or vegan lifestyles. 

It may be the only way to truly ensure you aren’t ingesting or using things that are more harmful than helpful. I mean, did you know there are trace amounts of iron and arsenic in some of our cereals?! Who would have thought that our beloved talcum baby powder could actually be the cause of so many health issues plaguing lower income communities? We literally used to put that stuff on everything!

So what exactly do you do? Well, you know that I say...KNOWLEDGE is POWER. If the food can be harmful...what in the world are you putting on your face? The truth is, you probably don’t know. A great place to start is through research. Find out how to better read and understand the ingredients on the back of the bottle. :whispers: We did a blog about it, so be sure to indulge. It’s important to learn what more of the words you see mean, as many of them may sound like chemicals when in reality they may be natural or plant based. Use products that exclusively do not contain synthetics or parabens. Honestly, you want to stick to the most natural products you can find by proven and reputable companies. 

Natural skincare products have the least likelihood of causing extreme reactions to the ingredients, and they absolutely have less chance of providing long term issues. Be sure to know your allergens as natural ingredients can still irritate your skin. Don’t be afraid! Try new products and find what is right for you. There's enough things in the world that can cause you harm, why introduce any of them to your face?! If you don’t do anything else today, throw out those chemically made and processed products and introduce your face to the world of natural skincare - The Butter Bar Skincare! 

Be accountable for you and your families health. 

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