What To Do When You Feel Insecure Without Makeup

A lot of women are okay going natural, and without any makeup. However, there are some women who wouldn’t dare leave the house without at least a light beat. Is this an issue of being insecure, or could it simply just be a preference? 

Some women honestly just prefer to enhance their natural beauty or like to experiment with new makeup lines and or products. They aren’t insecure at all. Makeup is fun and creative!

But there are just as many women who are insecure if they are seen without any makeup and wouldn’t dare leave the house without it. Some women really can’t stand the sight of themselves without makeup. That's when we get a red flag - there are deeper rooted issues.

When you really think about it, it isn’t about whether you wear makeup or not, but perhaps the reasons you choose to. 

 It’s Your Call 

Some people feel like once they start using makeup -  that they can’t stop. You don’t have to completely cut makeup out of your beauty regimen if you don’t wish to, but when you reach a point where you look at your bare face and don't feel beautiful without makeup, that may be a first sign that there may be a deeper issue than just wearing or not wearing makeup.

Some women become too comfortable in identifying themselves with makeup. The number one suggestion for anyone out there who feels a pit in their stomach when they look in the mirror is to let yourself be uncomfortable. Go a few days without makeup, and you'll soon realize that the world won’t crumble to pieces just because you didn’t walk out the house with your favorite mascara, or a full beat -  just to go to the supermarket. You probably won’t receive a single comment about this change in your beauty regimen, but even if you do, so what! Don’t allow what other people think overshadow what you are doing for yourself. 

For women who decide to wear makeup to cover imperfections, such as acne or some form of scar or discoloration on the face or other areas of the skin, may be doing yourself a diservices. Remember that makeup is an addition to enhance your natural beauty. Whether it’s a confidence booster when you aren't really feeling yourself or for usage when you’re feeling super sexy and you want to compliment your outfit of the day, caring for the skin underneath first is gravely important.

Makeup should be an option -  not a necessity.  

To go a step further, if this woman is you, someone who is not comfortable in your own skin, and need a daily regimen to remedy acne and hyperpigmentation, we recommend that you begin with our Deep Skin Detox Box and or our Flawless Body Detox System. Don't forget to reach out to our expert team for recommendations and help to determine your skin type.

Remember, you're beautiful!

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