What is Oil Cleansing & How To Do It

Before the early/mid-19th century, body soap was not commercially available [1]. In these times, it was perfectly normal to perform oil cleansing as a way to get clean. In fact, visitors to the public baths in ancient Rome would put olive oil all over their bodies before entering the hot bath [2].

The Benefits of Oil Cleansing

You're probably wondering why people still bother with this in the 21st century, especially with so many beauty and skin care products around. The simplicity and naturalness that comes with the oil cleansing method are what counts.

There are two big perks that come with this approach. First, certain oils can actually exfoliate your skin, which helps you achieve a healthy glowing look. The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells from your skin's surface. Second, the oils used for cleansing purposes serve as moisturizers and help maintain hydration. Olive oil (a popular cleansing oil) has already been proven as a fantastic moisturizer as well [3].

Who Should Cleanse with Oils?

This technique can work for anyone, but you should always be conscious of the impact it has on your skin. Many effective oils exist, and sometimes a mixture (such as an olive and castor oil combo) will provide a better response [4]. Certain other types of oils known to work for skin cleansing purposes include coconut, meadowfoam and olive oil.

What if you have dry skin? A terrific alternative is sunflower oil. In cases where the skin is not just dry but dehydrated, then go the jojoba route instead. Lastly, if you have acne problems, it would be best to stick with hemp seed oil. Many skincare products now contain a mixture of oils with cleansing properties. For better results, formulate your beauty regimen around the oil-based products that give your skin the best response.


The oil cleansing method is all the rave in the beauty world right now. It's serving more as a reminder that the chemical-heavy products on the market today are not a viable solution. Oil is your friend, but the results you receive come down to which type you use and how much you apply. Be careful and smart when setting out on your oil cleansing efforts, and your skin will thank you!


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