We’re All Washing Our Hands. But What About Our Bodies?

by: Dominique Flournoy 

The coronavirus has shaking things up quite a bit and has thrown off a lot of our day to day routines.

One thing for sure, it will not throw off our skin care routine beauties! We have seen a lot more people washing their hands more than usual since this pandemic has become mainstream. Washing your hands is very important when it comes to preventing spreading the virus. However, making sure your body is just as clean as your hands is equally important. While a lot of us are staying inside and isolating ourselves, we still want to make sure that our hygiene stays intact.   

Even for those who are healthy with strong immune systems, staying home to reduce the spread of coronavirus is a big change in environment and routine, both of which can impact your skin. A change in diet, activity and air can result in facial breakouts, dryness and other negative reactions.

Thanks to the CDC, we know that soap and water kills the virus, which is an important part of stopping it from spreading. But as we’ve all rushed to rub our hands raw over the last few weeks, the question remains: Should we be showering more often and more carefully, too?The answer to this question is simple, not really. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, which means it comes from your mouth and lungs, the biggest concern comes from the transfer of droplets—which are located on your hands than other parts of your body.


You should be showering every day, and using soap on your full body instead of only on the usual “hot spots” (your private parts, your feet, and under your arms), as well as washing your hair daily. You’re better safe than sorry when it comes to your personal hygiene during this time. The other major change you want to make to your shower routine is making sure that the bottles you keep in there are being regularly cleaned. If you have anything that you’re using in the shower and is being shared, you might want to give it a good soap and water wash before you pass it along to someone else.

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