Water As Skincare

Water is life. Chances are that you’ve read or heard this before, right? The wisdom in this metaphor draws attention to the importance of water in sustaining human life. Science seems to support the wisdom of this metaphor, as water is the main component of human body. At birth, water makes up 75% of a baby’s body, while adults have 60% body composition as water. As the major constituent of blood, water helps to maintain adequate blood volume and circulation. A key function of water in your body and skin is detoxification through elimination of harmful waste products in urine, sweat and stool. Inadequate water intake can cause dehydration and accumulation of toxic waste products. This poses serious risks to general wellbeing and skin health.  

Containing 64% of water, your skin is affected by fluctuations in body water levels, as well. Achieving good hydration by drinking enough water helps you in food digestion and absorption, excretion of toxic waste products, temperature regulation and stabilization of body chemistry. Drinking about 2.7 liters or eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is the recommended daily fluid intake (RDFI) for adult beauties. Drinking more than the RDFI is advised when there is more-than-usual fluid loss from the body as seen in vomiting, diarrhoea and excessive sweating (observed in physical exercise or in hot weather). Pregnant and breastfeeding beauties require more water to make up for increased body need. The need for you to achieve good hydration is more expedient in Spring and Summer when rising heat causes increased sweating and dries the skin. Enjoying Summer sunshine outdoors in the open or in the shade could be your cherished pastime, however adequate hydration and protection from undue exposure to harmful UV radiations help preserve your overall and skin health.

While research show that drinking enough water everyday to meet daily requirements is associated with some skin health benefits, skin specialists (dermatologists) advice that a combination of skincare products and adequate water intake provide the best results.

Here are some of the skin health benefits you will enjoy by drinking adequate quantity of water daily:

  • Maintains skin density and thickness necessary for intact skin barrier.
  • Improves skin elasticity. This reduces appearance of cracks, irritations and inflammations.
  • Reduces skin wrinkles to give you a smooth texture and younger looks.
  • Increases blood flow to the skin to flush out skin toxins.
  • Helps in clearing acne and skin spots for even tone and unblemished texture.

Since y’all are beauty queens, it goes without saying that the choice of skincare product matters in achieving well hydrated healthy skin. We offer you custom-made, high-potent, all-natural products to help you achieve well hydrated skin in cold and hot seasons. Our Pink Grapefruit and Coconut Water Bundle (Dry Skin) is specially formulated with 100% plant-based essential ingredients to hydrate, moisturize, evenly tone, brighten, smoothen and soften your skin to achieve your dream of all-season radiant skin glow. Formulated to hydrate dry skin, this product is your top choice for addressing year-round dry skin. For those beauties with dry skin in winter, check out our Hydrating Face Masks for Winter Skin to select the formulation for your skin type. Whether oily or dry skin, we have a special product to handle that and ease your worries of dry skin during the winter and all throughout the year.  






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