Vegan and Vegetarian Wonders for Winter Skin

Is your skin dry, scaly, and peeling? When the cold, brisk air hits your face does it almost hurt because its so dry? You may not be able to relate to the air being so cold that it hurts if you’re in warmer climates, but we can all relate that the beauty of winter also brings the horridness of sensitive and dry skin.

This ladies and gentlemen, we like to call “Winter skin”. I’m sure by now you may have incorporated extra moisturizing oils or lotion, lip scrubs, and exfoliating elements into your skin routine, but is it enough? Sometimes it's hard to tell if the external treatments are really being absorbed by your body enough to truly make a difference. Maybe it's time we consider some options that, for some, may be out of our normal routines or even comfort zones. Ok..I’m going to say it...VEGAN. Yes, the monster we probably all need, all need but may not want...elements of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Believe it or not, Vegan/vegetarian lifestyles hold a host of wonders that even your biggest known carnivorous can benefit from. 

Now, these aren't necessarily “Vegan wonders” due to the fact that they are items most of us may use, eat, or at least have heard of regardless of your lifestyle. 

Vegan friendly Skin Secrets: 

  • Lemon/lemon peel- Skin brightening, antioxidant, fights acne.
  • Vitamin E- Antioxidant, softens and moisturizes dry skin and hair. 
  • Essential oils- Rosehip, argan, and hemp for skin brightening and glowing.
  • Basil and Echinacea tea- Great for skin inflammation.
  • Kelp (seaweed)-Vitamins E, B2, C, calcium and a host of other minerals and nutrients. Great for moisture retention, anti inflammatory, and many many other benefits. 
  • Fresh tomatoes, roasted sweet potato, yellow bell peppers, baby spinach, blueberries, and beets- Antioxidants.

Those are only a few specific wonders typically used by people living a vegan lifestyle; how many of them did you know? A few at least, I’m sure. Even if you’re not committed to a vegetarian lifestyle, it has amazing benefits! Vegetarians typically ingest a lot of fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants, fiber, and many people experience lower levels of saturated fat. This can in turn allow your body to increase control of your sugar metabolism, which is a known cause of acne. Antioxidants prevent acne and damage to skin cells and tissue, decreases inflammation, and aids in the skin's collagen process; therefore increasing your skins’ elasticity and slowing its aging. You do not have to go hardcore, but incorporating some of these elements into your lifestyle and eating “clean” could be exactly the detox your body is looking for! Veganism could be the wonderful wonder to combat your Winter skin and your body internally and externally.

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