Vajacial - The Cure For Bikini Rash

Have you ever noticed that you have to take as good care of your vagina; let’s call it a purse...a Chanel purse,  as you do the skin on your face? Your Chanel is literally affected by the foods that you ingest, soaps you use, and even undergarments you wear. As if maintaining your normal facial skincare routine isn’t enough, you may deal with additional changes in your Chanels’ pH balance that can cause bumps and hyperpigmentation on your bikini line.

 Oh no! What now?! I bet you’re wondering whether you can use your Tumeric and Honey Mask or some other facial product on your Chanel right about now. Well with some products, you can, but have you ever considered a Vajacial? Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like; a facial for your vagina [Chanel]...and its ahhmazing! Keep in mind, this treatment is for your vulva, the exterior of your actual vagina along your bikini line, pelvic area, and outer labia. Vajacials are great for eliminating razor bumps and acne along your bikini line, unclogging pores, ingrown hairs, and even dry skin. The process can involve processes such as steaming, extractions, exfoliation, masking, and moisturizing. 

You can receive Vajacial services at some spas but here are a few things to keep in mind; it is your Chanel after all. Always be sure to go to a licensed esthetician in a clean environment, using brand new sterilized tools; in addition, we always recommend a natural lifestyle, meaning no use of chemicals. 

As much money as we spend on our skin, nails, and hair it’s time you show your Chanel some love. Get smoother skin, and rid yourself of bumps and breakouts through this relaxing and invigorating treat and I promise your Chanel will feel and look like a new purse! 



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