Using Stone Rollers

Using stone rollers, jade stone rollers in particular, are perfect to include in your skin care regimen. But when it comes to anti-aging skin care, you’ve probably seen it all, wrinkle-reducing creams, hydrating face masks, vitamin C serums, and retinol-based products. These products may already have a permanent place in your routine, however, the jade roller is another one to add to the potential must-try list.

Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, a jade roller is a handheld massaging tool that you roll across your face in a back-and-forth motion for a few minutes at a time. Most companies that offer jade rollers promise that they help de-puff, firm the skin, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation.

The use of the gemstone jade plays a vital role here, thanks to its ability to maintain a cool temperature, despite being exposed to body heat. One of the for sure ways to tell if it’s really jade, is to place the stone in the palm of your hand. If it warms up, then it is not jade.


How Well Does the Jade Roller Really Work?

While there are not any scientific studies to back up the benefits of using a jade roller, most dermatologists agree that it can certainly do no harm and may very well enhance the health and appearance of the skin temporarily.


How to use a Jade Roller:

  • As the stone is already cool it is not necessary to store it in the refrigerator. However, this may be done to improve the reduction in inflammation.
  • Cleanse skin.
  • The massage may be performed with or without the addition of a topical serum or cream. If desired apply a serum or your favorite cream prior to beginning, the massage will encourage deeper penetration of your favorite product.
  • Using the nose as the mid-point always roll from mid-point outward. On the neck always roll up towards the chin.
  • Gently glide the roller over each area 2 or more times. The roller is moved with the weight of the roller- no additional pressure is necessary.
  • Use the smaller end for under eyes and eye lids.
  • Apply your favorite product when completed.

What Are the Benefits of Using Stone Rollers?

Minimize puffiness

Lack of sleep, eating lots of salt, hormonal changes, and simply crying can cause puffy skin and under-eyes. All these conditions can cause our blood vessels to dilate and fluid becomes trapped in the superficial layers of the skin, which can make our skin look ruddy, our pores seem more prominent, and our fine lines and wrinkles more accented. A jade roller can help ‘milk’ this excess fluid out of the skin and back into the lymphatic system.

Reduce eye bags

Aging is often the culprit of the soft tissue around the eyes collecting fluids, as are allergies, eye makeup irritation, rubbing eyes, and not getting enough sleep. It has been observed that the smaller end of a jade roller can help gently massage this fluid out of the soft tissue around the eyes without being too harsh as to cause bruising or further irritation.

Relax facial muscles

The soothing effect of massaging the skin, especially around the eyes and the forehead where the muscles attach directly to the skin, can help relieve tension.

Fight signs of aging

The jade roller is often hailed for its anti-aging abilities, which stem from the reduction in excess fluid that can age the skin. Additionally, it’s been  pointed out, that by temporarily relieving tension held in the facial muscles (namely the forehead and around the eyes), you may appear less stressed, which translates to a more youthful look.


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