Transitioning into Fall Skincare

As summer turns into fall, your skin will adjust with the change of weather. This is the time that the pH balance in our skin changes as well. “In general, we all produce more oil in the summer than in the fall and the winter," To maintain beautiful, healthy skin, your skincare routine should transition as well. Using the same products throughout the seasons won't yield the same results. Summer heat and humidity causes your skin to produce more oil, while fall's cooler, drier weather can strip skin of oil and moisture. If you start making the transition between the two seasons, your skin will never realize the seasons ever changed!

Making that Smooth Transition

Add Exfoliation

Cooler temperatures call for exfoliating more frequently as skin can become dry and flaky.  Our Flawless Body System will help gently exfoliate and resurface skin, by energizing dull, lifeless complexion while hydrating dry, flaky skin. 

More Moisture

Dry, cool weather means your skin needs more moisture than it did during the summer. Summer heat causes you to perspire, leading to oil and clogged pores along with the need for a lightweight moisturizer. For fall, you may need to swap your moisturizer for a lush version such as our Aloe Papaya Moringa Oil  Facial Moisturizer  

Make sure to apply a moisturizer at least twice a day. Take note of the condition of your skin during the transition period; you might need to moisturize up to three times per day while your skin adjusts to the seasonal changes.

Be Proactive

Starting the season with a facial to get a good exfoliation treatment will help your skin prepare for the upcoming colder weather.

Also, with decreased oil production, our skin can become confused and irritated. And instead of reacting by treating skin redness or dryness after it's already become a problem. You can switch out your foaming cleanser for a creamy one, while working a heavier moisturizer into your routine, and using a brightening serum to repair any sun damage that you may have obtained during the summer. As the weather changes and the temperatures drop, everything slows down, so it is suggested to spend more time massaging your face as you cleanse, this keeps your skin supple and relaxed.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as the weather transitions into the fall:

  • Reassess Your Body Cleanser 

Be sure that your current favorite body or bath cleanser isn't going to dry out your skin when the dry cold weather comes in.

  • Try an Oil-Based Scrub 

Oil-based scrubs are perfect for fall and winter because you are getting the exfoliating benefits with the extra bonus of hydrating oils. And when it comes to oily scrubs, the choices are endless!

  • Analyze Your Skin 

When the seasons change, you may notice your skin type changes as well. This is the time where some with oily skin might notice their skin turns a bit normal, or those with normal skin might consider their skin is suddenly dry.

Watch your skin as the weather turns cold to see if you need to change up your skin care products and switch them accordingly.

  • Organize Your Skin Routine

With facial masks, facial exfoliators and other extra skincare steps, it can be difficult to remember exactly when you applied your last mask. Make your schedule for the days that work best for you and stick with it. Your skin will have the benefits from a consistent skin regimen, and the results will be healthy and glowing skin.

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