To Mist or Not To Mist?

In a world full of natural beauty products, there are many trends and tips to get excited about.  For die-hard fans of all things beauty, a new universe has opened in which there are an abundance of fun products out there that are natural, organic, cruelty-free AND effective. These options were not available 20 years ago, when the only natural option you had at your disposal were most likely essential oils.

But with this increase in interest around skincare ingredients has come an inundation of new products. So, what’s the hype surrounding face mists, and should they be part of your skincare routine?


Should Facial Mist be a Part of Your Skincare Routine?

Face mists, when well-formulated, are not just water sprayed through a nice spritz bottle. They contain small amounts of moisturizing ingredients such as oils and soothing aloe vera. Therefore, they add a layer of light moisture to your face in a way that cools you down and improves the quality of your skin overall. But you do have to be careful with some face mists. If you happen to get a hold of a mist that is improperly formulated, that product can do more harm than good.

So, let’s look at some of the problems you may experience with facial misting.  If you use mists that are too watery, they are likely to dry your skin out more than they will moisturize it. This happens because when the water evaporates off your skin, what it does is take moisture from your skin with it back out into the air. This has the effect of drying out your skin even more.

If you’re going to mist, look for a face mist that includes a moisturizing agent, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or chia seed oil. You should also be wary of anything that includes toxic ingredients or alcohol, as these can not only dry out your skin further but may even be dangerous and unhealthy. 

So What Mists are Best During the Fall and Winter Months?

You can layer your mist with other products without the increasing likelihood of blocked pores. Mists come with ingredients that are not always easy to formulate in a cream (e.g. vitamin D). They're hydrating without gooey emollients. While creams come with all sorts of stabilizers and thickeners, mists can be relatively pure.  Facial mists can be used to get a dewy glow to counteract foundation that makes your skin look papery and old.

For fall and winter consider using a moisturizing essence spray to add to your skincare routine. Essence is a liquid that has concentrated amounts of ingredients or ingredient. When you use an essence type mist, you’re giving your skin the best nourishment compared to a water type.

You do not absolutely need to mist,  but if you have dryness throughout the day and already have dry skin it is recommended that you try it out.

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