The Truth About Hydroquinone and Other Skin Lightening Creams

For decades, women have used commercial skin lightening products to remove dark spots and attain a lighter complexion. But over time, skin lightening creams can damage your skin and cause serious health problems. This blog post addresses the danger that commercial skin lightening products pose to your health and your skin care routine. 


All About Skin Lightening Creams

Skin lightening creams were designed to remove dark spots, sun damage, and improve discoloration. Many women of color have also used skin lighten creams to attain a lighter complexion.

The key ingredient in most skin lightening creams is hydroquinone, which suppresses the production of melanin so that your skin will become lighter after each application. Unfortunately, hydroquinone is also a toxic chemical that can damage your skin and have an adverse impact on your overall health.


The Dangers Of Skin Lightening

Hydroquinone is an active ingredient in skin lightening creams, and its effects are permanent. Women who are unhappy with the results of skin lightening products are usually forced to live with lighter skin.


 Top 3 Ingredients To Avoid in Skin Lightening: 


  • It was rumored to be linked to cancer
  • It is a known cause of kidney disease (dialysis and a kidney transplant are too high a price to pay for beauty)
  • It can cause severe skin irritation
  • It can also cause liver disease
  • It reacts badly with other body care products that contain peroxides or resorcinol
  • It should never come in contact with the eyes
  • It ages the skin, causing it to become thin and lose its elasticity and natural luster.
  • It can cause something doctors call exogenous onchronosis which is basically the pink, green, red or blue-black horrible looking blotches on the face and chest of long-term users of skin-lightening agents.


  • It can cause the skin to be very thin and bruise easily
  • It can cause stretch marks which may be permanent
  • Long term use can cause hypertension and diabetes
  • It can cause a condition called Cushing's syndrome that can make you gain weight, get depressed and have a hump
  • It can suppress the body's natural steroids and make you very sick


  • It can make you feel very tired all the time
  • It can cause forgetfulness and memory loss
  • It can give you constant headaches and make you unsteady on your feet
  • It can cause tremors and muscle twitches
  • It can cause skin irritation
  • It has been banned in most countries but can still be found in some markets so double check before you buy any skin lightening product.
  • The skin lightening effect is short-lived
  • It has been associated with cancer
  • It causes kidney problems!
  • It can cause emotional problems like low self-esteem, depression, fear, anxiety and make you very irritable

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