The Power of Pumpkin: Skin Benefits of Pumpkin Enzymes

Now that we’re in the full swing of the Fall season, our coveted seasonal favorites have resurfaced. There is one commonly resounding theme, especially in the beauty and food industries and that is in fact, the pumpkin. Pumpkin flavored Lattes from your favorite coffee spot, pumpkin cookies and pies, pumpkin scented candles; I mean seriously, you can’t miss out on it. While these scents and flavors may be nice, we aren’t receiving the full benefits that the pumpkin has to offer. Have you ever tried pumpkin-infused products? Not just a scent, or orange tinted lotion or body wash, but a real infusion of the plant's properties? You are definitely missing out people! Check out a few of the major benefits of incorporating this seasonal favorite in our fall skincare regimes.

 Pumpkin Enzyme


Cell turnover, very simply put, is the process in which your skin sheds its old layer. Your entire body is comprised of cells that renew themselves and stem from what you consume on a daily basis. We told you guys, YOU ARE LITERALLY WHAT YOU EAT! Using pumpkin-infused products will increase cell turnover helping you reveal gorgeous skin every single day. This increased rate of cell turnover will also help get rid of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) from acne and ingrown scars alike.



Aging is inevitable, there is no fighting the natural cyclical patterns of our bodies. We can, however, do it with some grace and make it look sexy (in the spirit of Kendrick Lamar). Pumpkin will help you do just that! Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and C and which both bring a supple glow to your complexion. It also helps your body produce more collagen which we all know, is the key to maintaining elasticity and fullness to the skin.



Consuming vitamins regularly puts our bodies into supercharging mode. Zinc is a daily essential that many miss the opportunity to consume. Zinc helps maintain a strong immune system, heals wounds, and even helps to regulate thyroid function.

Did you know that pumpkins packed so much power? We were shocked too! Now we know its more than a seasonal staple, it’s a beauty essential!

Glow on Beauties! 

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The Power of Pumpkin: Skin Benefits of Pumpkin Enzymes

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