The Need for More Black Beautypreneurs

Today there are multiple beauty trends and services from eyelash and hair extension, to MUA’s, massage therapists, and not to mention the natural beauty and organic skincare industry. So, what are the best kept secrets of black beautypreners on the rise, and why is there more of a need for them? 

It is no huge secret that black women have the most diverse and unique set of beauty, hair and skincare needs ever. One of the main reasons for that is because black women absolutely love to look and feel good. The beauty supply store, which is a mainstay in many predominately black neighborhoods is where most black women get many of their well-needed and deserved hair products. From hair for braiding to wigs and luxurious hair-flip-worthy extensions, the beauty supply store is an important staple for finding products made for us, by us. But what else?


Black Beauty in High Demand

Although, despite it holding such a crucial importance in the lives of women of color, there has been one unfavorable fact that has pervaded the black community for decades. Even though  black women are the main consumers, the majority of beauty supply stores in the United States are owned by Korean immigrants who have dominated the ethnic hair care market for years. This has been since the 1970s, Korean immigrants have had a monopoly in the beauty supply sector due to their close ties to hair suppliers and wholesalers based in South Korea. However, while that may be the reality right now, the playing field and platform is shifting quickly.

Madame CJ Walker was an iconic self-made millionaire and beauty mogul. And today other contemporary female black entrepreneurs are following her tradition, and taking back control by spearheading their own black beauty supply businesses at a growing rate.

Many other beautypreneurs have started beauty companies specializing in natural, and or organic hair and skin care products based on a personal need to find a solution to the issues they are facing. This has led to the increase of black owned businesses providing much needed solutions for areas that affect us.

Mentorship in the Beauty Sector: Why is it Important?

Karonda Cook is a business woman who is a rockstar mom, wife, dream builder that all beautypreneurs would love to know.  Karonda is also the Director of Merchandising for Sally Beauty and leads the team responsible for purchasing the multicultural hair and skin merchandise portfolio for over 3,000 Sally Beauty stores across the country.

Karonda shares the following elements paired with strategies and experience bring out the most success.

  • Passion. Women are literally cooking up all kinds of magic in their kitchens and when they tell their stories you can feel the blood, sweat, tears and passion behind the brand.
  • Unique positioning. Brands with a distinctive point of difference break through the clutter of monotony and stand out.
  • Market knowledge. It is important to know and understand your target market. What are their needs, wants, concerns, etc.? This should be the focal point of the strategy.

Mentorship is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills each person can learn, but also the access to information, resources and opportunities that it provides.  Karonda states how important it is for young black women to see other black women in industry executive positions because it provides a sense of inspiration and attainability. Mentorship is a motivation, which creates and ensures the opportunities for accessible role models for the next group of industry leaders to be successful.


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