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The Key to "Shrinking" Enlarged Pores

November 02 2017 – Kimberly-Chloe Wilson

The Key to "Shrinking" Enlarged Pores

The Key to "Shrinking" Enlarged Pores

Ever wake up one day with small visible holes in your face? Relax, you’re not dying, your pores are just enlarged. At first glance, it can be an unsettling feeling because our pores are so small that they cannot be seen with bare eyes unless they’re enlarged. What exactly causes pores to be enlarged? Let’s sort through this….

 The Keys to Getting Visibly Smaller Pores


Many things can cause your pores to be enlarged but the main ones are, aging and excess oil production. As we mature, our skin starts to show the signs of sun damage and loss of elasticity through enlarged pores. Prevention is possible with sunscreen and fresh foods that help produce collagen-like, spinach, kale, and berries.


An excess of oil, whether its natural or you’re choosing to drown your face in oil, will, in fact, give your skin a noticeable open pore pattern. This is because unlike serums, oils sit on the surface of the skin. It does not penetrate the pores like many people assume. 



Using a clay mask is the PERFECT solution to your skin woes when it comes to enlarged pores. The clay will pull all of the icky buildup from your pores and dry them out a bit, causing them to close. Not to worry! A clay mask is nourishing as well. Your skin will not be dry and brittle afterward, scouts honor!



Charcoal and Moringa Clay Mask: Charcoal is a very strong plant-based ingredient that attracts the dirt and impurities in your skin and literally pulls them out. Moringa is rich in antioxidants and reduces inflammation in the body which pairs perfectly with the Charcoal.


Cocoa Clay Mask: The healing properties for cocoa is laundry list long so we’ll just narrow it down to our faves! Regular use of our Cocoa Clay Mask will hydrate, exfoliate, and firm your skin! We know, chocolate and hydrating aren’t usually used in tandem but with our custom blend, it works!


Honey Clay Mask: Like our Cocoa Clay Mask, our Honey Clay Mask is also very hydrating. It is also essential to repairing damaged and inflamed skin.


Our skin combats environmental factors, and stress/trauma just like we do every single day. We must replenish out skin and take good care of it. Start with one of our custom blended clay masks! Glow on Beauties. 

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The Keys to Getting Visibly Smaller Pores

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