The Good, The Bad: The Effects Of Alcohol On Skin

December 01, 2016

The Good, The Bad: The Effects Of Alcohol On Skin

Tis the season for parties and lifting our emotions high with celebrations and laughter.  When you add in a few cocktails, wines, beers, shots, of course, the fiery liquid spirits and the world seems so beautiful. Shall we blame our skin problems on the alcohol? Are the drinks we're drinking that bad for our skin? Does drinking gallons of water behind alcoholic beverages or binge drinking make a difference with the appearance of our skin? Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news but drinking water after alcohol consumption will not help the health of your skin.

Let us split the wineberry and hard liquor in 2 different ways. Cheers… to knowledge filled glasses!

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Alcohol Education

The Good – Vino aka Red Wine, the sweet aroma of Merlot!
Contains antioxidants that naturally slows down the aging process.
Lightening agent for hyperpigmentation and firms the skin.
Drinking a glass of red wine a day will do wonders for your skin.
Red wine is excellent for your skin, fill your tub and soak in it
Fact: In Japan and China has resort spas that cater to clients with hot tubs filled with red wine. Also, swimming pools filled with red wine, who wants to take a swim into complete skincare healthiness? If you ever wanted to experience a red wine hydro-massage, check out the city of New York.

DIY - Red Wine Mask
One tbsp. Red wine
Two tsp. Cocoa power
One tsp. honey
Two tsp. yogurt
Mix all ingredients well together; this mask is liquidly.
Apply to a cleansed and toned face. Use a cotton ball for application. Let set for 20mins. And rinse with warm water. Dry blot your face and use your moisturizer.
Repeat 1 -2 times weekly.

The Bad – Shot drinks by themselves or mixed in cocktails will destroy your skin.
Unworthy skin effects: dehydration, hyperpigmentation, enlarge pores,
loss of collagen, elasticity, premature wrinkling, and puffiness are just a
few to mention. What about your hair? Yes, it will suffer from dry, brittle hair and split ends. Rule of thumb: the clearer the gins, vodkas and tequilas they will all pass out of the body quickly.

This holiday season rethink your drink of choice and appreciate your largest organ, your skin. Raise your glasses to our outer natural coverings!

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