The Ash is Among Us!....Dry Winter Skin + How To Beat It!

The Ash is Among Us!....Dry Winter Skin + How To Beat It!

Seasonal dry skin worsens under the effect of winter weather. The moisture and fatty oils are pull out of our skin due to dry air. It is certainly uncomfortable to itch and scratch rough skin thru out the cold months. Dry skin tends to feel tight after long sessions of showering or bathing.

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Away with Dry Skin!
The condition of dark pigmentation reveals obvious whitish or grayish coloring referred to as ashy skin. Dead skin cells are literally laying on top of the surface. The appearance look’s chalky and dull. Plain and simple the skin is dehydrated. Dry skin will peel, crack, bleed, and shed flakes that land’s anywhere, -embarrassing!

Let’s count the ways… how to re-hydrate dry skin and seal in the moisture!

  1. Skip hot water for showers or bathing, hot water will wash away the skin protective oils and dry skin sets in.
  2. Get your body clean with lukewarm to cool settings.
  3. Skip long showers or bathing, 5 -10 minutes max.
  4. Skip over-exfoliating, the skin will become irritated and can dry out. Exfoliate 1 - 3 times a week. 
  5. Skip washing with harsh soaps or chemical filled shower gels, these cleaning body products can strip your skin of its own moisture and dry out the skin.
  6. Skip completely drying the body with a towel. Leave the body damp, read the next step to know why.
  7. Skip applying moisturizer when skin is dry. Always slather on your moisturizer when the skin is moist, helps lock in the moisture. At night apply a thicker layer.
  8. Skip facial toners or any other skincare products that has a high amounts of alcohol, most likely the skin will dry out.

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