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  • Water As Skincare

    While research show that drinking enough water everyday to meet daily requirements is associated with some skin health benefits, skin specialists (dermatologists) advice that a combination of skincare products and adequate water intake provide the best results.

    Here are some of the skin health benefits you will enjoy by drinking adequate quantity of water daily.... 


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  • Yes! Melanin Is IN!

    Melanin is a natural pigment which partially protects skin from harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Skin is your body’s most visible organ. Its color, tone and texture define beauty. Nothing appeals more to the eyes than the radiance of a spotless and evenly toned skin with easily recognizable velvety texture. Achieving and maintaining flawless and radiant complexion in cooler seasons is no small accomplishment, but doing so in harsh sunshine and heat of hot seasons is a huge feat. Your struggle to maintain quality skin health all year round and worries of seasonal skin problems are addressed by custom-made, natural products presented here for your delightful use. View Post
  • “Cysters” Treating PCOS Externally

    While we continue to observe Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month. We can take a further look at external treatments to PCOS.

     You and your doctor should talk about what your goals are, so you can come up with a treatment plan for the symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). For instance, if you want to get pregnant and you are experiencing trouble, then your treatment would focus on helping you conceive. If you want to tame PCOS-related acne, your treatment would be focused toward skin problems.

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  • Sweating It Out: A Free Way To Release Toxins

    One of the most frowned upon natural bodily functions is SWEATING! While most people may dread sweating, one thing is for certain, it’s totally necessary. Sweating allows your body to release any toxins that may be in your system, ultimately giving you clear, blemish-free skin. Another great way ... View Post
  • Here's What Happens When You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day

    Did you know our bodies are made up of 60% water? So, this may drive one to wonder, why should we consume a gallon of water each day? We’re so glad you asked! Every time you take a breath, break a sweat, and use the restroom; you’re depleting your bodies water supply. We have to compensate for th... View Post
  • HANDS OFF!: How To Properly Remove Blackheads

    Beauties, I’m sure you’ve noticed the uninvited guest inhabiting your face space every now and then. You know, those ones that smile back at you in the mirror and like to rear their ugly blackheads for all to see? I mean, we did not summon them intentionally! They just showed up for different rea... View Post
  • 5 Sleep Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

    Sleep is a MAJOR key when it comes to having healthy-looking skin. But if you are committing these 5 bedtime skin sins, you could be doing more damage than good!   Sleep Habit #1: Not Removing Makeup Before Bed After a late night, we know how hard it is to remember to run to the bathroom to take ... View Post
  • How To Throw An Awesome "Galentines" Day Party

    Create your very own Spa Day with the girls at home. You and your girlfriends deserve an afternoon of relaxation and pampering. It’s time to show and give self-love and recognize everyone’s the best qualities including yourself!   For Galentines Day the My Butter Bar team celebrates the host,... View Post