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  • Yes! Melanin Is IN!

    Yes! Melanin Is IN!

    April 23 2020

    Melanin is a natural pigment which partially protects skin from harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Skin is your body’s most visible organ. Its color, tone and texture define beauty. Nothing appeals more to the eyes than the radiance of a spotless and evenly toned skin with easily recognizable velvety texture. Achieving and maintaining flawless and radiant complexion in...

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  • Tricks for Oily Skin

    Tricks for Oily Skin

    January 28 2020

    Before even going near your makeup bag, you’ll want to focus on your skin care first. Taking care of oily skin calls for products that can give your skin a thorough cleanse and, of course, not add to the greasy, shiny factor.

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  • Why Natural Toners are Good for Your Skin

    Why Natural Toners are Good for Your Skin

    January 17 2020

    A toner is a skin care product, usually water-based, that’s meant to shrink the appearance of large pores and further cleanse the skin, picking up any makeup or debris that may have been left behind. 

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  • Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay

    Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay

    November 08 2019

    CLAY-though? Yes, that’s right...clay, Bentonite Clay, and Kaolin Clay to be specific. Believe it or not certain types of clay are extremely absorbent and extremely rich in nutrients.

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  • Mist-ify Your Regimen

    Mist-ify Your Regimen

    October 18 2019

    Mist, whether its water or another refreshing ingredient, adding mist into your daily regimen can literally give your skin that perk up, all day glow. Mist can come in the form of  toners, setting spray, and/or primer. 

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  • Toner: Oily Skin's Best Friend

    Toner: Oily Skin's Best Friend

    October 11 2019

    Go best friend, that's my best friend! Go best friend, that's my best friend….! Ok, ok we'll stop. But you know when something gets you so excited you just wanna sing about it? Twerk in your mirror a little? That is what toner is for oily skin. That best friend that hypes you up and makes you look and feel...

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