• Dry Brushing

    Dry brushing is a way to stimulate and detoxify your skin. This is because it provides a gentle internal massage. View Post
  • DIY Foot Soak

    As women, it is notoriously well-known that we stay on our feet. From full-time mothers and high-achieving professionals, we spend a lot of time each day on our feet. Over time we accumulate blisters, sores, cuts and swollen feet and by the end of the day many of us will know the familiar feeling of aching feet that signify a day well spent.

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  • How to Maintain Your Skin While in College

    Going off to college means uprooting your entire schedule -- new friends, junk food, parties, and of course late-night studying sessions. No “borrowing” mom’s sugar scrubs or facial creams anymore.  And if you are a second, or third year student, sometimes, amid classes, studying, homework, meetings and maintaining a social life, college students forget to maintain their health, especially their skin care. So, if you are not careful, the healthy skin you came in with will quickly change.

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  • D.E.E.P. Skin Detox Challenge

    Earlier this year we challenged our Beauties to the D.E.E.P. Skin Detox Challenge. We hope that you were able to stay the course! With only three more months left in the year, we will be announcing the D.E.E.P Skin Detox Challenge again soon. Won't you join us?

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  • Skin Cell Renewal/Regeneration

    Some parts of our bodies can repair themselves quite well after injury, but others don’t repair at all. The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, is an outer covering of dead cells and four epidermal layers. According to WebMD your skin replaces itself approximately once every 28 days. The process of skin renewal also occurs through exfoliation. View Post
  • Why the Sun is Beneficial for Our Skin

    How often do you hear how bad the sun is for your skin? Although it is strongly suggested to avoid over exposure of direct sunlight to your skin, there are some great benefits from having the proper exposure from sunlight.  Let's discuss what exactly are those benefits. How Good is the Sun Rea... View Post
  • The Dry Skin Bible

    The healing power of dry skin. What is it? What skincare regimen can you live by that will not forsake you, nor lead you astray? Dry Skin Facts What is Dry skin? Dry skin is a very common skin condition characterized by a lack of the appropriate amount of water in the most superficial layer of th... View Post
  • Free Radicals: What They are and How to Fight Them?

    Free radicals are atoms floating around the body that have lost an electron, and most often you are looking at an oxygen atom that has lost an electron through oxidation. In other words, when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons, oxidative stress occurs. This is bec... View Post