• Using After Shave Serums

    Have you ever wondered where ingrown hairs come from, and how to prevent them as opposed to treat them? Those horrible little things are painful, ugly, and even leave annoying scars! Who would have thought, that they come from improper shaving habits? View Post
  • Shaving Tips Nobody Told You

    Shaving can be a touchy subject, literally.  Most girls back in the day probably didn’t start shaving until their latter high school years. Today, it’s most certainly frowned upon if a woman doesn’t shave, wax or something of the sort. Most women today not only shave the bikini line, they even keep the vajayjay nice and well maintained - some even bedazzled.  View Post
  • 5 Shaving Hacks for Smooth, Nick-Free Legs

    For my Beauties who like smooth hairless legs, shaving your legs regularly is a must! However, frequent shaving means you run the risk of nicks, irritation and unsightly razor bumps.To get the best shave possible, use the following five shaving hacks for smooth, nick-free legs.  1. Shave Downwar... View Post
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