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  • How to combine actives like a Pro?!

    How to combine actives like a Pro?!

    December 11 2019

    Forget the old advice about keeping your acids and retinoids separate. This may have made sense once upon a time, but that has now become no such thing. Now you can use AHAs/BHA together with Retinoids.

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  • Acids for each skin type

    Acids for each skin type

    December 10 2019

    I must be honest, the thought of putting acids on your skin can sound scary and may cause you to consider something a little less evasive. Opting for unhealthy injections or fillers is certainly something we do not recommend. We have found that there are so many acids out there that do wonders for skin. It’s just about finding and choosing the...

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  • Safely using Salicylic Acid

    Safely using Salicylic Acid

    September 23 2019

    I’m sure you’ve heard of salicylic acid, and I’m sure you’re probably aware that it can be used on your skin. But did you know that it is used as the primary ingredient in aspirin? The chemical gets its name from the Latin term for willow trees, salix, because it was first made from a complex carbohydrate found in willow bark....

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