• Licorice Root Benefits for Skin

    Some love it, and others not so much! That black bitter and odd tasting candy, licorice. Also called anise, licorice extract finds a home in some kitchens alongside other baking extracts such as vanilla and peppermint. Not as well-known as its sweet taste are the syrupy liquid's medicinal properties, including its ability to promote healthy, even-toned skin as an ingredient in personal care products. Now who knew that there was such a worthy related benefit from licorice root? View Post
  • Why You Need to Get Professional Facials

    There's an abundance of information about skin care that is at your fingertips when you need it.  And more than likely your bathroom is already filled with product, like peels, masks, scrubs, etc., that can give you a serious deep clean.

    But while it's great to practice good skin care, that doesn't always mean you should dismiss professional help. Even if you may not suffer from severe acne or other chronic conditions, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained esthetician.

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