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  • Eat Your Colors, Save Your Skin!

    Let’s go back in time. To a time where you lit up as a child when it was time for art class. The crayons, the colored pencils, the paint, there were so many options! Color intrigues us, it stimulates our brains. Want to know what else colors do? FUEL OUR BODIES! Consuming colorful foods is a sure... View Post
  • 5 Shaving Hacks for Smooth, Nick-Free Legs

    For my Beauties who like smooth hairless legs, shaving your legs regularly is a must! However, frequent shaving means you run the risk of nicks, irritation and unsightly razor bumps.To get the best shave possible, use the following five shaving hacks for smooth, nick-free legs.  1. Shave Downwar... View Post