• Spring Break Skincare: 4 Tips For Getaway Ready Skin!

    The sun has returned, and the weather is only getting warmer from here! Your skin is aching to be released from the entrapment of sweatshirts and scratchy sweaters. Spring break is the first official sign that it is time for capris and crop tops. But is your skin ready to meet the sun again? Whet... View Post
  • The Truth About Hydroquinone and Other Skin Lightening Creams

    For decades, women have used commercial skin lightening products to remove dark spots and attain a lighter complexion. But over time, skin lightening creams can damage your skin and cause serious health problems. This blog post addresses the danger that commercial skin lightening products pose to... View Post
  • Slippery Slick Skin… Oh WHY?

    Ever asked yourself, why do I have this thin smeary stuff sitting on top of my face? The forehead shine like the noonday’s sun and let’s not forget the buttery nose. Dealing with oily skin, it’s no joke! Let’s talk about it while dabbing with oil control blotting sheets. Why does oil appear? Gene... View Post

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