• Keeping Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter

    Winter, winter, winter, winter. As if the stigma around dealing with the cold, not only for the cold months that have passed, but the even colder months ahead isn’t bad enough I am sure by now you’re also concerned with your dry, scaly skin.  View Post
  • Nighttime Winter Skincare

    It’s not officially winter (Saturday, December 21st), however it’s time to make some adjustments to combat the effects of this cold weather we’re having off and on. Let’s see what winter nighttime skincare practices are important to save you from dry, dull and itchy skin during the cold elements of winter.  View Post
  • Skin Care Tips for the Winter

    Winter is the season our skin loses moisture and gets dry - the most. Skin care in winter is particularly difficult if you do not know the reason behind why your skin gets so dry. The cold wind and air in the environment pull the moisture right out of the skin to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air - thus making it dry and flaky. View Post
  • Stay Moisturized During the Winter

    Our bodies naturally go through transitions throughout the year. From spring, summer, fall, and especially winter. Skin can become dry and flaky, and even itchy in some common areas like the arms, legs, backs or scalp. View Post
  • Setting Your Makeup for a Glowing Finish

    Setting spray is what you use to preserve your makeup for longer periods of time. It is best used once finished applying your makeup to give it that smooth finish and prevent transfer or smudging.  View Post
  • Prime Makeup with Your Safe Skincare

    We often focus directly on what keeps your skin healthy, and of course that’s super important.  But once you’ve mastered the perfect skincare regimen for your skin type, how do you take it a step further and make sure pre-makeup, that your skin is prepped properly? The best way to start, is to find a makeup primer first. Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. View Post
  • Hypopigmentation

    Hypopigmentation is not what people commonly hear or even experience when it comes to skin tone. We all have experienced dark spots and darkening of our skin whether due to genetics or acne. But what is much less common but still extremely important to discuss is the rare experience of hypopigmented skin.  View Post
  • Keratosis Pilaris – How to Soothe & Remove

    Keratosis pilaris doesn’t sound like much fun, but it’s a harmless condition, resulting from build-up of keratin, a protein found in skin.  Symptoms of keratosis pilaris include dry and rough patches on the skin, with painless tiny bumps in the affected area. View Post