• Why You Need Cucumber & Watermelon in a Gel Mask

    A mere mention of a face mask in this time of COVID-19 pandemic evokes a familiar image. An image of a face with the mouth and nose covered with a protective material. Here in the USA and globally, this image has become a new normal as mandatory face mask wearing is being enforced more extensively.

    However, our focus is on a different kind of face mask. Before the pandemic struck, our beauties were familiar with covering their faces with face masks for cosmetic and skincare purposes. Skincare face masks are designed to deliver their active ingredients to facial skin for maximum impact. Usually formulated with a mix of ingredients with synergistic properties for improved skin benefits, face masks come in different types that best suit specific skin types. Read on to discover the multiple skin-beautifying benefits of our new Cucumber Melon Overnight Hydrating Gellie Mask. It is a pampering treat for your skin in the summer heat and a relief from the other face mask.

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  • Yes! Melanin Is IN!

    Melanin is a natural pigment which partially protects skin from harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Skin is your body’s most visible organ. Its color, tone and texture define beauty. Nothing appeals more to the eyes than the radiance of a spotless and evenly toned skin with easily recognizable velvety texture. Achieving and maintaining flawless and radiant complexion in cooler seasons is no small accomplishment, but doing so in harsh sunshine and heat of hot seasons is a huge feat. Your struggle to maintain quality skin health all year round and worries of seasonal skin problems are addressed by custom-made, natural products presented here for your delightful use. View Post
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  • 2-Ingredient Face Masks That Won't Break The Bank!

    Need a quick facial fix without spending a lot of coins? Try these quickie face masks to get your facial life!    1.    Milk + Tomato Juice What It Does: The antioxidant property of Tomato helps in cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing our skin, on the other hand, milk helps in softening our sk... View Post
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    As we move through our skincare journey and scour Pinterest and refinery29 for the solutions to our skincare concerns, we will all happen upon a few remedies that make us lift an eyebrow. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest and the worst skincare remedies I’ve found thus far: ·         Baking s... View Post
  • 7 Natural Skin Care Products That Actually Help Get Rid Of Acne & Hyper-Pigmentation

    There are a few things that cause hyper-pigmentation, including… Overexposure to the sun. (As this causes melanin production to increase.) Pregnancy (Hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulates a temporary increase in your body’s production of melanin.) Picking at your skin. (One of the w... View Post
  • Remove Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots) at Home!

    Before we start with the DIYs, it’s important to know what hyperpigmentation is and how it differs from acne scars. For example with dark spots, when we purposely pop an acne pimple we cause too much melanin to develop while they are healing, these inflamed acne lesions become darker forming dar... View Post
  • Slippery Slick Skin… Oh WHY?

    Ever asked yourself, why do I have this thin smeary stuff sitting on top of my face? The forehead shine like the noonday’s sun and let’s not forget the buttery nose. Dealing with oily skin, it’s no joke! Let’s talk about it while dabbing with oil control blotting sheets. Why does oil appear? Gene... View Post