essential oils

  • Mist-ify Your Regimen

    Mist, whether its water or another refreshing ingredient, adding mist into your daily regimen can literally give your skin that perk up, all day glow. Mist can come in the form of  toners, setting spray, and/or primer.  View Post
  • Natural Aromatherapy

    Do you ever stop to smell the flowers? Are you oddly satisfied with the smell of fresh fruit or herbs? These things are the natural makings of aromatherapy: the use of essential oils derived from plants to naturally create a positive, uplifting, and soothing response in your bodies’ mental and physical health. Most often, aromatherapy in achieved through the use of oils, dried fruits, flowers, and herbs, and even candles. View Post
  • Winter Skincare Switches

    At this point, most of you are experiencing the switch in temperatures. For many it may seems like fall was a short and distant memory as the winter winds just showed up in its place. It’s time to pay attention to the important key skincare switches for the winter months and consider the changing needs for your "best" skin. So as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. View Post
  • The Power of FLOWERS!

    Spring is upon us and with that comes: FLOWERS!   Using fresh and dried flowers alike can help preserve your body and the integrity of your skin in ways that are unimaginable. You can make facial mists, raw tea, and even take a botanical bath as discussed in our DIY Bath post. There are hundred... View Post