• Surprising Dull Skin Causes

    Dull skin can be categorized as skin that doesn't look bright or radiant—in fact, it may appear lackluster or flat. Basically, dull skin is the opposite of skin that looks youthful, glowing, and healthy. View Post
  • How to Restore Radiance to Your Dull Skin

    We typically think about a radiant complexion being one that tends to glow from the inside, out, and usually that is the mark of youthful, healthy-looking skin. But what does it take to achieve that radiant-looking skin you strive to achieve and maintain? Well, you first must start by discovering the reasons your skin could be dull to begin with.  View Post
  • Dull Skin vs. Dry Skin

    Dull skin is basically just that; skin that has lost its luminosity and brightness over a period of time. In some individuals however, dull skin exists from the moment of birth. Dull skin has an unhealthy look that can be attributed to a few factors. Lifestyle habits and your environment also have considerable effects on the health and state of your skin. View Post