• Post-Partying Detox

    Thank God, the festive season is over. Not because you didn’t enjoy time with family and friends, simply because of all the things your skin has gone through over the last two months. You’ve hosted, traveled, eaten everything against your better judgment, and your cousin’s party cocktails were on... View Post
  • D.E.E.P Skin Detox Challenge 2018!!!

      We're planning on having a great skin year in 2018!  Join Us for the next Skin Detox Challenge! We begin January 10th! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and many things can affect its appearance-genetics, sun exposure, smoking, diet, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, injuries, illness... View Post
  • Skin On Fleek in 2018!

    Looking back over the last year I’m sure we all have beauty confessions, some were willing to share with others, and some are quite embarrassing this might include sleeping in makeup which is awful for our complexions or not cleansing, toning, and moisturizing before going to bed. Respecting our ... View Post
  • Flawless Facial 2017: 21 Day Skin Detox Challenge!

    With us heading into the 2nd part of the year, there are always opportunities for new beginnings- and that goes for your skincare routine as well! So, I thought it was due time for another Skincare Challenge! As you know, from reading my previous posts, the skin is the body's largest organ, and i... View Post
  • Lactic Acid: Is It Safe In Skincare?

    As we become more are of ingredients in our skincare, we can often start avoiding any ingredient that has specific wording in it. Words like "sulfate" and "paraben" and of course the red flag goes up when we see just letters followed by numbers- is it a chemical!? But what about acids?  Well, you... View Post
  • Water: The Only Skincare Miracle In A Bottle

    For skin sake! You shouldn't underestimate the power of drinking water; hydrated cells are essential for our body and overall skin care health. Only drinking the awesomely hydrating H2O will surely enlarge the moisture possibilities in association with the pores of our skin. The power to produce ... View Post
  • Your 2017 Skincare Reality Check!

    My oh my, did last year pass by so quickly! Beautiful people, are you ready for the New Year? The first few weeks in January are a great opportunity to reflect upon our growth mentally, spiritually, physically and of course, our favorite personal subject, skincare supervision. I’m so guilty of pl... View Post
  • How To Detox Skin After a Night of Partying

    It’s the morning after hanging out with friends and drinking way too much. Thoughts from last night start to float around in the head… the night on the town was fun. Right? Until you look in the mirror and OMGoodness, toxic dehydrated skin is staring back at you, and it’s not pretty! You notice t... View Post