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  • CBD for Massage

    CBD for Massage

    August 15 2019

    Massages alone are a godsend, but when you infuse the anti inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD oil into, you are sure to leave feeling like new. Don’t worry, while CBD oil may be the hottest buzz in many industries alike, it is made the non psychoactive properties of a cannabis plant. 

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  • CBD for Anti-aging

    CBD for Anti-aging

    August 14 2019

    Your skin’s health has a lot to do with what you consume, what you expose it to, genes, and your lifestyle. You may find that your youth is escaping much quicker than others perhaps because of the things you eat, or smoking cigarettes, maybe even because the lack of a healthy skin regimen. 

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  • CBD for Acne

    CBD for Acne

    August 12 2019

    What exactly is CBD? CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant.

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