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  • 7 Tips For Cold Weather Skincare

    Beauties- The seasons have officially changed and your skin may have known it before you did! Summer brings it's own skin issues and concerns, but the upcoming cooler weather can wreak havoc on on your delicate skin. Don't freak out! Your Organic Mad Scientist is here to give you the deets on w... View Post
  • Tips for Restoring Dry Mature Skin

    Aging is a constant change in life, and aging gracefully is the heart desire of mature-age persons. As people come of age, internal and external changes happen. Externally, the skin undergoes many changes of which dryness is a noticeable and worrisome problem. As you cannot stop mature skin changes, you can at least delay or reduce these changes by applying conventional wisdom and our mature skincare products. Click and learn about mature skin, benefits of DIY routine and richness of our 100% natural Green Caviar & Champagne Essence (Skin Smoothing and Brightening with Vitamin C & AHA) specially formulated for dry mature skin types.     

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  • Yes! Melanin Is IN!

    Melanin is a natural pigment which partially protects skin from harmful effects caused by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Skin is your body’s most visible organ. Its color, tone and texture define beauty. Nothing appeals more to the eyes than the radiance of a spotless and evenly toned skin with easily recognizable velvety texture. Achieving and maintaining flawless and radiant complexion in cooler seasons is no small accomplishment, but doing so in harsh sunshine and heat of hot seasons is a huge feat. Your struggle to maintain quality skin health all year round and worries of seasonal skin problems are addressed by custom-made, natural products presented here for your delightful use. View Post
  • Jawline Acne

    For many of us, there are so many things to handle in a given day. We often feel like there just aren’t enough hours to check everything off your list. It’s totally understandable if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Life might run a little smoother if we all had the support staff of Oprah, Di... View Post
  • 7 Natural Skin Care Products That Actually Help Get Rid Of Acne & Hyper-Pigmentation

    There are a few things that cause hyper-pigmentation, including… Overexposure to the sun. (As this causes melanin production to increase.) Pregnancy (Hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulates a temporary increase in your body’s production of melanin.) Picking at your skin. (One of the w... View Post
  • The Truth About Hydroquinone and Other Skin Lightening Creams

    For decades, women have used commercial skin lightening products to remove dark spots and attain a lighter complexion. But over time, skin lightening creams can damage your skin and cause serious health problems. This blog post addresses the danger that commercial skin lightening products pose to... View Post
  • Melanoma is not a "White People Disease"!

    It’s a matter of life and death; one person dies of Melanoma every 52 minutes. BEWARE: Melanoma is on the Rise for People of Color Black people can develop skin cancer from UV damage. Yes, although dark skin produces melanin to protect our skin, we people of color must pay more attention and exa... View Post
  • 3 Indulgent Baths for Eczema

    The sun is going down and now it’s me time. The stress of the day has wiped us out. Our bodies are tired but the mind is thinking… “what can I do for me?’ We grab the cell phone and make a beeline to the bathroom. Yes, we found a solution for relaxing. We are going to pamper our dry skin. Selecti... View Post