• Hormonal Acne

    Being a woman is one of the greatest privileges in the world. We are gifts. We’re smart, beautiful, fearless, strong; the list of positive and empowering attributes can go on for days. However, there is one little thing that appears pretty often and annoys us all as a collective; PERIODS. For mos... View Post
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  • Blackheads and Whiteheads and Pimples, Oh My!

    We all get a breakout of some sort at some point in time. Whether it be around the time of our cycles, after a stressful presentation at work or school, or right before your sister’s wedding pictures. Whenever it is that they show up, it’s never a welcomed appearance. But determining what type of... View Post
  • Using Colloidal Silver For Acne

    Dealing with acne has been widely accepted as rights of passage when people are transitioning through adolescence to become young adults. But what is there to be said for those that experience adult acne? Teens included for that matter. The great news is, this is the most common skin condition in... View Post
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    Maintaining good health is a lifelong journey to say the least; it’s a pretty complex task to navigate. Staying healthy can prove to be even more difficult when you’re born with a disadvantage to your health. Is there a way to change the trajectory of your health even when you’re stricken with an... View Post
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    June is Acne Awareness Month so we're digging deep into acne and acne care all month long! If you think that you're the only one still dealing with acne after puberty...think again! Many women over the age of 25 years experience adult acne. In fact, a survey of more than 1,000 adults published ... View Post
  • 7 Natural Skin Care Products That Actually Help Get Rid Of Acne & Hyper-Pigmentation

    There are a few things that cause hyper-pigmentation, including… Overexposure to the sun. (As this causes melanin production to increase.) Pregnancy (Hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulates a temporary increase in your body’s production of melanin.) Picking at your skin. (One of the w... View Post
  • Acne Has Affected My Life In The Following Ways...

    I'm sure if you have been following me for a while on the blog or on social media, then you know that I had a long, 15-year struggle with acne. From the age of 11 on to adulthood, I had moderate acne. It wasn’t cystic or severe, but due to my need to pop my pimples to try to quickly remove the da... View Post