• Fighting Fine Lines

    You can get fine lines from seemingly everything in life. If you are exposed to the sun, pollution, or smoke; you can get fine lines. If you have a familial trend of getting fine lines or if you’re reaching a certain age, you may notice fine lines forming on your face. With so many, inevitable causes of fine lines, it might seem like it’s impossible to prevent them, but not quite. View Post
  • Skincare in Your 30’s

    Your 30's is a great time to revisit your skin care regimen. The skin care products you used in your 20's will not likely be as useful for your skin now because this decade is when you'll begin to notice signs of aging and physical changes to your skin. When you reach your 30's, it’s all about actively protecting against the process of aging. This is the point that the cells start dying and the metabolism starts to slow. You want to maintain the current cell structure and rate of development and repair. Your skin care routine needs to work towards that. View Post