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The Benefits of Licorice Root For Your Skin

December 11, 2017

The Benefits of Licorice Root For Your Skin

What is Licorice Root?

It’s an herbal sweet root called Glycyrrhiza glabra, the origin traces back to southern Europe, and India. The root can be chewed on for its sweetness, and the next time you plan on preparing a delicious meal to add grind licorice root for natural flavoring. What better way to have a healthier body and beautiful skin by simply incorporating licorice powder into a fruity smoothie!

Speaking of skin care, in many countries licorice is used for fading hyperpigmentation. As well, it is a natural treatment that heals many skin inflammations; such as itchy dry skin, eczema, and skin rashes.


Health Facts

    Historically the wonders of the licorice healing powers are naturally amazing! Medicine is made directly from the root, shown above. It relieves sore throats, stress, and work like aspirin. Consider licorice as a painkiller. As well, licorice will heal chest infections and calm down irritating coughs. Licorice also heals stomach ulcers very efficiently, including the liver.


    Licorice Extract Oil

      Licorice extract works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory only to name a few. Helps fade age spots, diminish under-eye circles, dark spots, acne scars, and acne mask. Can be used on the oiliness to the most sensitive skin types and great for acne-prone skin. The biggest plus is that you can mix this oil with other natural oils, creating the perfect blend for your skin type.


      How to Use Licorice Extract Oil

        If there were ever a two-sided coin to extract oil, licorice has it. There’s lots of information on the internet on how to use licorice extract. I highly suggest that you always do a skin patch test, use the area behind the ear. Wait 24 hours to notice any skin irritations. Remember if the application is too strong you can dilute with lemon juice, your daily moisturizer, or even coconut oil. Apply a few drops of pure licorice extract to a q-tip or cotton ball and gently rub into the darkened areas. Have a good night’s sleep and rinse off the next day. Repeat 2 - 3 times a week. Results can be seen after 8 weeks of use.

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        NOTE: Not everyone can or should use Licorice root/powder / or extract. It’s vital to your health to research and seek counsel from your doctor before use.

        NOTE: We are not a dermatologist, doctors, or licensed estheticians or healthcare professionals. All recommendations are from a holistic standpoint and are from previous experience and research. Please always do your own research and consult your doctor if necessary before implementing any information if you are not sure about how it will react to your current health or skin concerns. Please always perform a patch test prior to applying remedies to your body or face. 


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