You're Suffocating Your Skin: Remove Your Makeup

What really happens when you sleep in your makeup? Going to be bed without washing your face is bad news and can have a cumulative harmful effect. Sleeping with makeup on is murder to your pores. During the day, dirt and oil may get trapped underneath heavy makeup, increasing your risk of a breakout. If you do not cleanse your face at the end of the day, what you are doing is allowing layers of makeup, dirt and debris to suffocate your skin, and the following is what can happen. 

Pores Get Clogged and You Get Acne

When the pores are blocked, you may notice your skin texture change. It gets bumpy. ANd if you are already acne-prone, it can even lead to even worse breakouts. You are effectively damaging skin by neglecting to remove makeup at the end of the day.

Skin is made up of water, protein, lipids, and different minerals and chemicals. Skin is also covered in pores, which allow us to sweat and secrete sebum, a natural lubricant that moisturizes skin and removes dead skin cells and other irritants from our pores. When you apply makeup, you block your pores from releasing sebum, which may lead to visibly larger pores and acne overtime.

You Are Damaging Your Skin Cells

Skin cells are also damaged by the practice of sleeping in makeup regularly. Makeup can trap environmental pollutants and free radicals that can damage skin cells, including collagen, leading to premature skin aging.  So not only does going to bed with your concealer on ultimately clog pores and lead to damaging your skin cells, but it can also speed up the aging process because you’re just not properly taking care of your skin.

Your Skin becomes Dull and Dry

The skin tends to repair and renew itself overnight as you sleep, creating a more vibrant appearance in the morning. Sleeping with makeup on hinders this renewal process. Even worse, makeup tends to settle into the skin’s creases and lines leading to skin that looks dull and aged. Leaving makeup on overnight, even if you wash your face in the morning, causes flakiness, unevenness, and dryness. If you properly cleanse your face at night, and moisturize with products that include ingredients like Black Honey Skin Balancing Cleanser (Combo/Normal Skin) , this gives your skin chance to repair and replenish itself at night

It is imperative that you cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly. Clogged pores and blackheads, aka comedones, are formed when dead skin cells, oil and makeup get trapped in the pores and suffocate the skin. These clogged pores are the pre-cursor to acne-like breakouts and make the skin look dull and lifeless. 

Irritated and Infected Eyes

When you skip your nightly face wash, you run the chance of letting bacteria and particles from your makeup, your mascara and eyeliner can seep into your eyes, which can lead to irritation, discomfort and potential eye infections. This can lead to swollen, infected eyelash roots, linked directly to not removing your mascara and eyeliner at night. Even if you’re totally exhausted at night, it is so important that you remove all make up at night before going to bed. 

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