Spring Break Skincare: 4 Tips For Getaway Ready Skin!

Spring Break Skincare: 4 Tips For Getaway Ready Skin!

The sun has returned, and the weather is only getting warmer from here! Your skin is aching to be released from the entrapment of sweatshirts and scratchy sweaters. Spring break is the first official sign that it is time for capris and crop tops. But is your skin ready to meet the sun again? Whether you are planning a family vacation to the Bahamas or partying with the girls in Cancun, you don't want to show up with winter-dulled skin! So, let's get your skin prepared to glow again, like the sun!


#1 Protect Your Skin!

Oh Beauty, you know me so well. I know that you knew I would place this tip first. With the rise of Melanoma diagnoses every year, it is imperative that we use SPF protection to guard skin against the sun's rays. Do not think you can judge how deep the sun can penetrate the skin by how hot it is outside. One has NOTHING to do with the other. And even f you have beautiful, melanin-rich skin that is darker in tone, you still need this protection! Skin cancer is real, and I don't want anyone getting it under my watch! Get SPF coverage, especially on your face. Try Melan-In Skin Nourishing Serum+ SPF

#2 Stay Hydrated With H2O

Um, yes, our bodies are made up pf 60% water. And our skin holds a LOT of that percentage! So fill up this cute bottles you bought to take to the gym and carry them along with you to sip away as you relax poolside. Don't like water? Tough! But, you can try adding fruit to your water for a better tasting beverage or trying coconut water. Here is my favorite brand: Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. It is freaking delicious and it's PINK!!!!!!

#3 Cleanse Your Skin Twice Per Day

I won't tell you how many times I am asked about whether you really need to cleanse skin in the morning AND night. Let me save you time by just saying, YES!!!!! Dirt accumulates on your skin throughout the day, as well as oil, and dead skin cells that need to be washed off at the end of the day. So unless you want to have a bacteria party going on on your face, and a face full of blemishes while trying to look cute in your new sorang and matching headwrap, I suggest you get in the habit of cleansing twice daily! Need a good face cleanser? I got ya here: Face Cleansers and Kits



#4 Know Thy Skincare Rules and Read Thy Labels

Some skincare products can cause photosensitivity(basically, makes your skin even more sensitive to light, particularly the sun). These products usually have directions on how to protect your skin while using them. Please read the labels of all your skincare productTHOROUGHLYLY, especially the warnings that are highlighted on them. Directions are placed on skincare and cosmetics to help and protect you, not just to take up space or please the FDA! Read your labels!!!!!! If your label does mention photosensitivity, then our rule #1 is even more important for you! 

Okay, so you are now prepared to go into the world and Spring Break with the best of them! I am off my soap box, and back to blowing your farewell kisses as you venture off to some warm, sunny place. Go forth and glow girl! 

Kimberly-Chloe Wilson

Founder & CEO, The Butter Bar Skincare


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