Sneaky Surfaces & Acne, Oh My!

Sundays are a great day to hit the reset button, prep for the week, and indulge in a whole lot of self-care. For many women, this includes an elaborate skincare routine. You give extra care and attention to your routine so it can be effective! You look forward to feeling supple and replenished skin because, who wouldn’t? We don’t blame you for wanting to be #TeamFlawless. One can only hope to have that feeling last all week and beyond. But this week was different. You have a friend’s birthday to attend on Friday night a little after work, your crush will be there and what arrives other than, an annoying BREAKOUT!

Super timely right?

There goes a week of trying to maintain a flawless, blemish-free glow for the special event, because now that’s totally ruined. I know you’re probably in panic mode, but you have to be strategic.

Hopefully you have our Apples & Mustard Blemish Banishing Facial Mask on hand for emergencies. If not, get your beauty arsenal ready with it HERE!

No matter the day of the week and after you freak out for a few minutes, you have to wonder, what exactly caused this breakout? Your pillowcase, phone, and hands all have one thing in common, THEY CARRY A TON OF GERMS!


While you generally relate your pillows and the cases that tuck them away to peaceful sleeping, you must also be aware that they contain many germs. Think about all of the products you have in your hair along with any dust and dandruff you may have. Not to mention the night you fell asleep in your makeup (which you shouldn’t – find out why HERE! 

All of that has accumulated in the fibers of your pillowcase and its easily transferable when you make direct contact during sleep. Try to make it a habit of tossing your pillowcases in with the laundry EVERY week.


You’ve dropped it 8 times today so the ground/floor is basically on your face. Yuck, right?!


Think about the countless surfaces, products, and people, you come in contact with every single day. You touch your flawless face with those very same hands. Keep them clean, wash regularly.

Now you have a few tips to prevent breakouts! Have any we didn’t highlight? Mention them below!

Glow on Beauties.


  • Posted by Colette on

    You have mentioned this one before, just not in this post: washing make-up brushes regularly.

    I would add being mindful of the chemicals and oils in your hair care products and minimising the contact between the hair and your face.

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