Slippery Slick Skin… Oh WHY?

Ever asked yourself, why do I have this thin smeary stuff sitting on top of my face? The forehead shine like the noonday’s sun and let’s not forget the buttery nose. Dealing with oily skin, it’s no joke! Let’s talk about it while dabbing with oil control blotting sheets.

The Butter Bar Skincare Slippery Slick Skin
Why does oil appear? Genetically speaking it’s in the genes. Regrettably to mention that this part of the DNA cannot be altered nor repaired. No worries, there are other reasons why the skin produces oil.

Take for instance, The Weather. High humidity temperatures increase the oil production and there goes acne breakouts and oily skin on the rise. Hot summers are not friendly to acne prone skin. So far there is not a miracle cure nor a special technique that can stop our skin from producing sebum. We do have skincare options to help manage the shiny slippery substance.

Take for instance, Uncle Charlie. For portions of time Uncle Charlie (menstruation cycles) will visit. The body produces estrogen and progesterone, hormones are out of sync and the fight with hormonal acne is on. The effect of hormones will cause the pores to expand and promote the production of sebum. Oil surge upwards on the surface of the face causing pimples and oily skin.

Take for instance, Stress. The mind and skin has strong relations, emotionally when one is anxious, moody, or stressed out the skin oil production will magnify causing skin problems. Disturbances increase the level of the body’s hormone and oily skin appears revealing there’s something going wrong from the inside. Pores enlarge under the unrestrained oil circulation resulting with noticeable oily skin.

Take for instance, Cosmetics. If you can’t go outside without wearing makeup you may be wreaking havoc on your complexion. Beauty products are filled with harmful chemicals that will work against cleansing, toning and moisturizing routines. Damaging results could appear on your skin; clog pores, oiliness, acne, blemishes, and possible scarring. Stay far away from oil-based makeup or just try going without makeup. Stick with your daily cleansing regiment and enjoy wearing your face naturally.


Toi Lancaster

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