Skincare for Make Up Lovers

Hate those mornings you wake up after a day of wearing make-up and your skin looks tired, feels dry, blemishes may appear, or your skin may start to look inflamed? Wearing make-up without properly taking care of your skin can clog your pores and tire out your skin. Some foundations can also cause allergies, redness, dryness, acne, and irritation. Those skin concerns you are concerned about could come from the makeup you are wearing. Today were going to give some tips on how to properly take care of your skin the days you wear makeup.

Before you start to apply make-up, take some time to prep your face first. The key to natural and flawless glowing skin starts with the best skin preparation.

Cleansers Are Your Friend!

When you are cleansing, you would want to start with an oil based double cleanser. Double cleansing is the backbone of any good skincare routine and is undoubtedly the most important step. If your skin isn’t totally clean, your following skincare products won’t work as well, and this will not benefit your skin. Oil cleansers also make great make up removers and breaks down SPF (important for your skin). It removes of all the oil based gunk that you need to remove before using your regular cleanser, so it can get deep into your pores and remove impurities in your skin that needs to be cleared. Try out these oil based cleansers from The Butter Bar Skincare.



After double cleansing, you would move into using a regular cleanser to minimize the pores in your skin. When pores are tightened, the make-up particles are not able to get inside of your skin. Remember beauties the smaller your pores the more flawless your skin will be. Remember when using cleansers, it is important to know your skin type. Try out these cleansers recommended from The Butter Bar Skincare.


 Always Include a Toner!

Toners are meant to be used after cleansing your face before implementing your serum and moisturizer. Toners are used to balance the pH in your skin. Toners prep the skin for serums and moisturizers while removes excess oil, dirt, or leftover make-up that still has not been removed after you have cleansed your face. Try out these toners recommended from The Butter Bar Skincare.

Serums are needed!

When prepping your skin for makeup, after cleansing and toning your skin you would implement your facial serum. Serums are known to be used as good makeup primers. Primers are used to make sure your make up applies smoothly onto your skin.  However, you would want your primer to be naturally based. Try out this serum recommended from The Butter Bar Skincare.

Finish It off With a Moisturizer!

Moisturizer prevents foundation from looking caked onto your face and it will keep your skin healthy and safe underneath your makeup. You must be careful when it comes to choosing a moisturizer because heavy moisturizers add a dewy effect to your skin. Try this moisturizer recommended by The Butter Bar Skincare.


If you are consistent in your routine, your skin will look great even without makeup, which means you won’t need to use much makeup in the first place. Great News Beauties! The Butter Bar Skincare has launched our Makeup Essentials Kit available for professional use.

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